• Pre-Primary Section
  • Primary & Secondary

There are 3 main types of learners- Visual, Audio, and Kinaesthetic.

To master effective teaching, we focus on understanding which type of learners our students are.

Visual is seeing the material, Audio is hearing the material, and Kinestheticis feeling the material.

The optimal learning environment is NOT to sit passively waiting for a lecture to end but the IDEAL learning environment is when they see, hear, and feel the subjects themselves. We also emphasize on the play-way with a complete blend of thematic activities. Our methodology includes well planned curriculum, learner-centric lesson plans, engaging worksheets and read aloud sessions.

Events & Activities of Pre-K
  • Speak Aboo
  • Phon-o-fun
  • Poetry sessions
  • Puppets theaters
  • Theme based Field trips
  • Festivals N Celebrations
  • Mothers sing along with me
  • Grandparents Day
  • Acting Studio
  • Fitness for Mothers
  • In house Competitions
  • Yearly Picnic
  • Dress me up role plays
  • Read aloud sessions & Library
  • External examinations- Phonics, GK, IQ, Aptitude, English, Maths, E.V.S, Drawing & Coloring.

As we understand that there are different types of learners our methodology to teach primary and secondary learners is very specific.

  • Visible thinking routines are practiced to promote and enhance student’s learning.
  • Classroom routines for developing language, mathematical concepts and a sense of belongingness.
  • Learning by doing – Students are given various opportunities to explore, investigate and find out answers to their queries. Virtual and in-house field trips and international students exchange programme give prospects to their learning.
  • Parent involvement in their children’s learning improves a child’s morale, attitude, and academic achievement across all subject areas.
  • Reflection provides opportunity to learners to recall what they have learnt. Group discussions viva, projects and role plays are some of the reflective techniques that are used.

Events & Activities of Primary & Secondary
  • Speech & Drama
  • Competitive Exams (National & International Level)
  • Intra & Inter School Competitions
  • International Student's Exchange programme
  • Health Checkups
  • ESOL Exam of Cambridge University
  • Social awareness programmes
  • Virtual field trips
  • National & International Tours
  • Author's/ Editor's Meet
  • Guest Lectures
  • Seminars, Symposium & Workshops
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