July 2, 2022

Listening And Reading Program

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It gives us immense pleasure to share the first program developed by our school for our learners to enhance their reading skills.


What Will I Learn?

  • The single best teaching method is the incredible combination of teaching synthetic phonics and phonemic awareness development. This combination helps in achieving phenomenal results
  • It involves simple step-by-step lessons to explicitly teach children to work with phonemes and graphemes.
  • Blending (Smooth Blending and Choppy Blending)
  • The simple act of reading with your child can increase their IQ by over 6 times
  • We begin teaching alphabet letters and letter sounds with more focus and emphasis on letter sounds and sound connections
  • With the few letters and letter sounds the child has mastered we immediately begin to teach the child to “blend” or “combine the sounds together to form simple words. Through each additional lesson, we slowly build up the child’s knowledge and mastery of letter sounds and blending to eventually allow the child to decode and read much more complicated words
  • Short and simple sentences are introduced early on with the lessons, making good use of the words the child has learned to read
  • Eventually, short stories and rhymes are introduced to provide more practice at decoding and reading.
  • Games to help children understand the sounds of letters and words in a fun way.
  • Advance Phonics Program will be the next program to help children understand the complexities of English.

About the instructor

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Lectures: 32
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Level: Intermediate

Material Includes

  • Manual for the program.
  • Tips for Happy Reading.
  • Videos (1 to 32 videos) only after completion of the first video, the second video will start.
  • After all the 32 videos schwa and types of sounds video will be accessible.
  • Print outs of lesson flashcards
  • Worksheets of all lessons
  • Games print outs
  • Lesson stories
  • Audios
  • Common Sight words
  • Rhyme book.


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