The Lion King

The Lion King

Gone are the times when using technology for imparting knowledge seemed like a distant dream*.

Field trips give students educational experiences away from their regular school environment and provide alternative educational opportunities to children. This major initiative was taken by The Cambria International School on 8th August 2019 for the students of classes I to V who were taken to Cinemax for a special screening of the popular movie *‘The Lion King’* as part of a recreational trip.

The objective behind this was not only to refresh the students but also to imbibe the leadership qualities, accept the responsibilities, becoming a worthy successor and discovering how “the circle of life " works. The movie is worth watching and has many life lessons for young students to learn, such as....the bond between Father and Son, friendship, betrayal & trust, friendship which had an impact on the learners, also left them with the thought of creating a bond for life with family members and peers which were seen in the enthusiasm when they were writing the reflection sheet after watching the movie.

Apart from these life values, they also got an opportunity to explore English language, vocabulary, voice modulation, accent and delivering of dialogues with expression.

The movie engaged the students and was a significant break from their daily routine. It was a fun-filled day with a great learning experience for them.

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