Space Bunnies Virtual Trip

Space Bunnies Virtual Trip

Virtual Field Trip is making learning more engaging and information more apprehendable.

The Cambria International School*  teachers went a step ahead and successfully completed its *Space Bunnies* virtual field trip instead of real field trip.
As planned we started the session by showing our kids the Sun... the Moon and the Stars..
 Then one by one 3D planet were shown and explained to our dear learners...
Activity of earth revolving around the Sun with clay was done. 
Learners were asked to draw the Sun, the Moon and the Stars and color it....
Rocket making activity was done using colour paper.
Lastly all our learners were asked to make the planets using coloured clay..
 Thus our Space Bunnies virtual trip was quite an visually  impactful session..
Learners looked motivated and engaged through out the session..
 The understanding of space and planets was clear to our learners very easily

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