Poetry Recitation 2020

Poetry Recitation 2020

This particular event of poetry recitation  is one of the favourite of many of you out there as this healthy competition not only enhances a child's skills and confidence but also spreads a happy vibe  with the purity of words beautifully combined and placed in rhyming verses .

The poetry recitation also plays a vital contribution towards developing and enhancing the memory of little children

The poetry recitation is a source of eternal beauty, thoughts, feeling, rhythm and majorly covers all the unnoticed marvellous things present or going on around us .

Considering all these magnificent and cheerful factors, we at *THE CAMBRIA INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL* are pleased to give our children the opportunity of coming forward in this poetry recitation to exhibit their hidden talent keeping in mind that competition in a healthy manner brings out the best in you making us realise how capable we are.

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