Picnic to Funshala

Picnic to Funshala

The day started on a happy and cheerful note, as our Cambrians left the school with their classmates and teachers. The learners reached the destination and were super excited.

As soon as our learners reached, they began to explore and enjoy the different play areas within the play zone. Wonderful Funshala is an amazing place, filled with educational toys and play equipment. There were various setups for the learners to get engaged in various role plays, such as a kitchen set, vehicles to ride ????, It had a big trampoline, a huge sandpit play area, full of fun and frolic at the soft play area, It was a wonderful place for play way learning and also a means to enhance the fine motor and gross motor skills of the students. After enjoying all the areas, the learners were served tempting and delicious food for lunch.

Cambrians were then taken to the Zoo, Kindergartners were excited to visit the Byculla Zoo and observe the animals in their artificial habitats. The high light of the visit was the “Hum bolt Penguins.” Learners excitedly watched the penguins as one of them swam around and the others stood by.

Our learners had a marvelous time, so much so, that they reluctantly gathered to start their journey back home. The day was thoroughly enjoyed and the students departed with sweet memories to cherish forever.

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