Orange Colour Day 2020

Orange Colour Day 2020

Orange, the blend of red and yellow, is a mixture of the energy associated with red and the happiness associated with yellow.* Orange is associated with meanings of joy, warmth, heat, sunshine, enthusiasm, creativity, success, encouragement, change, determination, health, stimulation, happiness, fun, enjoyment, balance, freedom, expression, and fascination.

The celebration of *Orange Colour Day at The Cambria International School* took place with lots of excitement and fun. The tiny tots dressed in orange looked very pretty.All the little Cambrians enthusiastically did the paper tearing activity on the orange. It was a joy to watch them do the activity with so much interest...
Learners then sang the orange colour song along with the video. 
Each colour has it's own importance and they also depict that we are all unique and different like the colours

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