Navratri Fest 2019

Navratri Fest 2019

As soon as the Navratri festival starts, the colour of Garba and Dandiya takes over the country. In the sequence, Navratri festival was celebrated in TCIS on 4th October, Saturday.

The festival started with the traditional 'ghatsthapana '(evoking the goddess) in the school banquet hall. Learners from different grades depicted the importance of Navratri and how it is celebrated in different parts of the country. Hymns and folk songs on Maa Durga added to the galore. The learners presented the Garba Dance and the teachers too were part of this footloose frenzy.

Mrs. Heena Falke, principal of TCIS, congratulated all the learners and students for the wonderful celebration of Navratri and also gave a powerful message to the learners, that women need to respect not only this 9 days but in day to day aspect as well.

The event concluded with a beautiful and thought-provoking
message by Hon CMD Mr. Bipin Pote who enlightened the importance of 9 incarnations of the goddess and how every woman to be seen and respected in the same aspect.

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