Mental Health Day 2020

Mental Health Day 2020

Your Child's Mental Health is More Important Than Their Grades*
On 22nd December 2020 we The Cambria International School celebrated Mental Health Day with our learners.

We had invited Ms Lathika, a clinical psychologist on 21st Dec'20 to address our pre primary parents. It was a very informative session in which she suggested many useful and productive activities for our learners. We implemented few activities and have given few activities as homework during Christmas vacation. 
We celebrated the day with  lot of activities for this day...
We started the session with *laughter exercise.
Then we had an *interactive session with our dear learners we had a discussion with them stressing on the importance of being happy and taking  of the mind. Accepting a *No* from parents and many important discussions were made regarding their social emotional and bodily development is concerned.
Learners were able to express  themselves.
Lastly we did an activity of *Emotions With Clay*(suggested by Ms. Lathika mam) where our little ones created happy, sad, angry emotions with clay...
Our learners could connect with teacher and parent. Our motto of establishing a healthy talk regarding Mental health talk was achieved. Although this is the beginning we will continue to communicate and build healthy and happy minds..

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