Community Helpers 2020

Community Helpers 2020

A 'Community Helper' is a person who performs their jobs that helps to improve the overall well being of the community. Community Helpers are very important they keep our community safe and healthy make life better for the people in the community and help the community function more efficiently. When you hear the word Community Helpers you may think of Police, Doctor, Firemen, Teacher, Construction workers, even Grocery store and etc. But when teaching about Community Helpers in preschool think more broadly. Many occupations do fall into this category; one of them is a "BARBER".

A Barber is a person whose occupation is mainly to cut, dress, style and shave, etc. A Barber's place of work is also known as "BARBER SHOP". Barbering is the most ancient and honorable profession with a very interesting history. Barbering is the profession of cutting or trimming hair and includes shaving or trimming facial hair. Besides cutting hair, Barbers also shampoo and style hair. Barbers colour and highlights hair as well. They are the people who make a person look great and maintain a great personality. People want to look great fashionable and a Barber is the one who makes it happen. There is a drastic change as now Barber's are professionals in the industry who are commonly known as "HAIR STYLISTS".


So, the learners of THE CAMBRIA INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL have visited the "LOOKWELL SALON" where the learner's got to learn and visualize different types of tools and equipments used by the Barbers.

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