Cambrians exercise during lockdown

Cambrians exercise during lockdown

Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, but it is also the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity. 

John.F Kennedy

Rightly said by one of the most prominent leaders. Weeknights and weekends spent ferrying kids to and from extra-curricular activities and sport are on hold indefinitely. As routine is everything we have started creating a routine filled with Learning Art and Craft activities. So how do you redirect kid’s energy to physical activities they can enjoy from the safety of home during the COVID-19 lockdown?

It’s a tough time for sport, but helping our kids to stay active is just as important as ever because Sport and physical activity can contribute to making kids happier, healthier, more resilient, and socially engaged.

So we want our little champions to get physically fit and develop a strong immunity. In Cambria International School we understand the need for kids to get up and move their bodies is a crucial part of every single day and we try our kids to be active, healthy, and happy during this tough time with physical exercise session.

our learners today exercised on music with rhythm...they performed some yoga poses and also did meditation. Our tiny ones enjoyed the session thoroughly and actively participated in large numbers. We are overwhelmed and highly appreciate your participation...

These exercises will make their body and mind healthy. So by providing a balanced routine we are keeping our young learners busy in a very productive way.

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