An Old Age Home Visit

An Old Age Home Visit

The Grade III learners of “The Cambria International School” visited “An Old Age Home “Kalyan (west) as a part of their (Global Perspective) field trip. The aim of the planned trip was to give learners the opportunity to learn more about real-life and sharing and caring for our senior citizens.

According to Shakespeare, old age is the age where the person behaves like a child again we witnessed the same. They were in hunger of love and to be loved. The people of old age were very compatible and friendly. They welcomed us with their beautiful smiles. To break their monotony, our students prepared some performance. We began by Saraswati Vandana which was followed by melodies songs and dance. Later the children addressed them as dada/dadi and greeted them with flowers and handmade greeting cards. The day turned out to be fruitful and happy. The head of the shelter home was overwhelmed by our presence and was happy to have us there.

Though the time spent with them was just a few hours, it taught the learners lesson for a lifetime.

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