A day with Author Ken Spillman

A day with Author Ken Spillman

Read a lot for great and meticulous writing - An advice by the Australian Author Ken Spillman

"Read the books you like. But read what you don't like too,because the more you read the more flawlessly and lucidly you can write,"The Australian author Ken Spillman advised students on 5th December 2019 while he was addressing the young learners at Bookaro-The Budding Author's 'Cafe-at The International Author's Meet' organized by the well-known 'The Cambria international' school in Kalyan.

Whether it is the panchatantra, or any other fable or folk tales ,or any good piece of writing, just love what you read.

Mr. spillman also enlightened on different styles of writing and gave tips how they can prepare themselves to be creative writers in future. He made the students understand that the essence of creative writing lies in the lucidity and simplicity of language, which should never be lost to make the audience understand your piece of writing. He further guided students on how to write simple but effective writing. The sessions conducted were quite interacting, where the students asked many questions to the author.

On this occasion, the renowned educationist and CMD of Pote Group Of Education Mr Bipin Pote said "Our efforts of providing various opportunities to our learners to explore International styles of writing will prove fruitful only when one of our learners would become a famous author and would conduct such workshop in Australia or any other part of the world.

"Writing is of paramount importance in International curriculum,whether it is writing articles ,essays or any creative piece of work .This program is being implemented to create interest towards creative writing among the children from a very young age. It is not only ideological but also cultural exchange. The school and the management understand that there is a need for holistic development of the students",said Mrs. Heena Falke, The Principal of the School.

The CMD Mr. Bipin Pote, The Managing Trustee Of the School Mrs Minal Pote, Principal Mrs. Heena Falke Head coordinator Mrs. Suryalatha Shetty were present at this progressive event.

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