3D Card Making Competition

3D Card Making Competition

Competition can bring about extraordinary results since it forces us to do our best

A 3D card making competition was organised for preschoolers by *The Cambria International School. Learners with the help of their parents used the pop up technique and made and creative 3D cards. 
As Christmas and New year is coming close most of the learners made wonderful cards based on this theme. 
. .The cards were decorated with various materials such as stickers, bindis, lace, kundan work, beads, metallic paints, glitter powders, sequences etc..
Each learner came forward confidently and spoke about the card...
Learners were very happy to show their magnificent creation...
The response for the competition was overwhelming and each card was unique and beautiful showing the interest and creativity of each student.
A blend of exceptional creativity and imagination was displayed by the learners.

When kids use their fingers to manipulate art materials they are developing their fine motors skills...
they get to talk about their work which develops their communication skills.

Kids get to learn about and recognise different shapes, count and sort out their art supplies and even measure out lengths and sizes of art materials.
Parent child spend quality time together
These activities give kids a sense of achievement and allow them to take pride in their work which builds confidence.

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