Gokul Ashtami 2020

Gokul Ashtami 2020

The festivals are like a map charting our spiritual progress in God''* 
Embracing the spirituality and glorifying Indian traditions with the young generation, ‘The Cambria International School & Junior College’ has efficaciously marked the celebration of Gokul Ashtami through an online  platform which was celebrated on 12th August, 2020 with splendid zeal and delight.*

Preparations for Lord Krishna’s birth anniversary were in full swing, and our young devotees left no stone unturned to seek the blessing of the almighty Shri Krishna!  The significance of Gokul Ashtami  was explained to the young learners through stories, videos and PPTs based on Lord Krishna’s life and his divine play.  A lot of fun filled activities  such as Matki Decoration, Flute and Cradle making, Gopal Kala Prasad making etc.  were conducted which led to the spectacle of the enthusiastic learners showcasing their talents.

The learners presented themselves through traditional attire dressed up as Radha and Krishna. The importance of Janmashtami was imparted in the minds of young learners inspiring them with the vivacious culture. 

The Greetings of the festivity were poured out by the Principal - Mrs Heena Falke. Thus the celebration concluded with a jovial note ☺️ leaving the imprints of the divine hero- Lord Krishna’s teachings  on young minds remarking a New Dawn amidst the Pandemic

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