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  • 18 February
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Our hope is to support those who use YouTube to share their knowledge with the world and the millions of users who come to our platform to learn.
- Susan Wojcicki
CEO of YouTube

Since it’s origin in 2005, YouTube has sensationalized the online media sharing platform. It has become an easy commodity to gain and share knowledge, news, and ideas. It is now a reservoir of educational videos, art and skill lessons,  music and videos of all types and times, a platform for showcasing talents, and whatnot. But even this ocean comes with it’s own sourness, YouTube’s huge content is also coupled with a common problem, “The YouTube Addiction”. The suggested videos in the side bar and auto play option can keep us engaged for hours. Many talented engineers are working backbreakingly to design YouTube in order to make it more and more interesting every day.

For adults, this addiction is not forced but is their choice. We can do a hundred things but still, we choose to spend hours watching a long trail of online videos, which we were not even intended when picked up our phones. But it’s unwilling victims are the kids and the toddlers, who may not actually understand what they are watching but couldn’t resist themselves. They are offered time on YouTube to make them eat their meals properly or do their homework on time. In a checked amount and correct supervision, YouTube is an excellent place to wander. But there is an additional problem.

YouTube is not a person, it work on algorithms that are formulated to understand it’s viewers and play or suggest the next video accordingly. There are certain elements out there that take advantage of the same and tag their inappropriate uploads with most-watched material. The result is after a couple of kindergarten songs, your child might end up watching a fish cooking recipe video or an unsuitable song.

To address this problem, and provide a safer online experience for kids, YouTube launched a separate app called YouTube Kids. As per their home page, “YouTube Kids was created to give kids a more contained environment that makes it simpler and more fun for them to explore on their own, and easier for parents and guardians to guide their journey as they discover new and exciting interests along the way.

It is painful to watch kids spending hours on their phones and difficult to keep them isolated from it. We agree that ‘YouTube kids’ does sound like a better option than an existing one. But it still does not address the problem with the addiction it offers. Parents need to come up with a plan on, how we handle it, how to draw a line in the usage of such an online platform and how we keep kids involved more in the real world than in superficial.

Disclaimer: School or the author is not promoting YouTube Kids or it’s use through the article.

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