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  • 30 April
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Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”

? Mahatma Gandhi


We start learning at the very moment we are born. Learn to recognise voices, faces, feeding, holding, sitting, walking, and running. Then at a certain age we join schools and spend a decent amount of time learning many subjects. Learn a few important life lessons as well. Repeat the same at colleges and then at jobs. Have you ever asked yourself when should you stop? After a good job or a decent salary? The only equitable answer to this is “NEVER”. One should never stop learning. If possible we should learn something new every day of our lives, irrespective of our ages.


We know that neurons are responsible for sending messages in our brain. Neurons are interconnected and facilitate signals to travel. When we learn something new or practice our skills this neural network grows. New connections are created which in turn enables signals to move faster. Learning is the brain's way to exercise, hence it’s needless to say that a learning mind is a healthy mind.


So what happens when we stop? Brain is just like other muscles in our body. What happens to a muscle when we stop using it as much as it should be? It starts losing strength. Similarly, our brain when not utilized properly starts losing its sharpness. We start forgetting, and our responses become slow. Like any other body part, the strength of your brain will also decline, however we can slow down the process.


But this won’t happen overnight or in a month. Make yourself habitual of finding out and learning new stuff in whichever field that interests you. Like any other good habit, it is best if this practice is ingrained since childhood.


At Cambria, we are dedicated toward the same. Our student’s intellectual and mental growth is one of our foremost priorities. Online classes amid lockdown is one such attempt to engage students in academics along with this year’s long summer vacations. We appreciate our students as well as the parents for proactively participating and supporting in our attempts to keep the learning on.


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