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  • 18 April
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“Maybe this is why we read, and why in moments of darkness we return to books: to find words for what we already know.”
Alberto Manguel

An Argentine-Canadian anthologist, translator, essayist, novelist, editor, and a former Director of the National Library of Argentina


There is a habit or interest that we all can pursue inside or outside, while on vacation or within your daily routine, in any season or continent, alone or in-crowd. This interest is reading. Books are our gurus and knowledge banks since the beginning of civilization. They are not a mere commodity of intellect but are worshipped to guide us in dark times. However, reading course books is completely different than the kind of reading we are discussing here. This an interest some develops through peers and some through the family. And once developed opens a whole new world for its cultivator.

During the lockdown, reading can help kids spend a good amount of time productively. If they are not already into this appreciable habit, encourage them to pick a book of their interest and start with a page or two in a day. Access to physical books is limited these days, hence we are try for e-books and audiobooks. They are also a good option to start with. Consider the interest of your child and explore the internet to find relevant books. But why putting so many efforts, let’s find out.

1)    Science says: Studies reveal that reading involves a complex network of brain circuits and signals and hence strengthens them, making them more mature. Reading invokes different emotions and in turn different regions of the brain. Which is why reading is referred to as an exercise for our brains.

2)    Vocabulary addon: Who cannot be impressed with a great vocabulary. Books will not only introduce kids with new words but will also help them understand how and where those words can be used.

3)    Stimulate empathy and imaginations: Stories and fiction when describe it’s characters take us on a journey where we actually start grasping his or her morale. We put ourselves in their shoes and see how their actions are justified or essential.

4)    Books contain the world within: Books are a great source of knowledge. They contain the whole universe. There is no topic under the sun on which one will not find a good book. Ask your child what interests them, maybe this helps our parents to understand their kids even better.

5)    New bonding exercise: Parents can read first and when they find fit can suggest kids read the same book. Discussing it in length can be a new bonding moment between you and your teenagers.

Teenagers can read fictions and primary school kids can ready books with pictures. What about kids who cannot read? When parents read to their kids, it simulates all the above-mentioned benefits. Try and do share your experiences. Happy reading!  

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