Why Choose the Science Stream after Boards?

  • 18 May

Once the board exams are over, students have a tough time selecting the right stream to pursue further studies. This is a crucial threshold for all students as it shapes their future ahead and decides the course of their life. The three broad classifications of streams that students can pursue after boards are Arts, Science, and Commerce. In this blog, let’s explore the various reasons why you can choose Science after boards.

A Field with Massive Potential

Science is a field with exponential opportunities. It is not just an interesting subject to study but also a field that opens up tremendous possibilities. It strengthens a student to be much brilliant and progressive. Reputed international schools ensure that students are well prepared for the Science Stream right from a young age. Being a Doctor and Engineer are two of the most revered professions associated with the Science stream for ages. Also, unlike traditional times, students that pursue Science now have several more new-age streams to pursue apart from medical or engineering.

These professional science streams are further bifurcated into several specialized streams. Physiotherapy, Neurology, Biotechnology, Astrophysics are a few of the various branches of the medical science stream. Similarly, engineering has tons of specializations like software engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and so on. Scientific research is another fantastic avenue that opens up unlimited opportunities.

There is no dearth of Institutes providing Science education in the country. Science students can pursue higher education in some of the top institutes in the country such as IITs, NITs, BITS for engineering and AIIMS, CMC, etc. for Medical. One can also pursue further studies abroad after pursuing Science from India which opens up a wide array of successful endeavors for the future.

Science is a Stream that is Full of Innovation

The Cambria International School exposes students to the nuances of the Science stream from a young age. It is a dynamic field full of innovation. It gives students the opportunities to develop brilliant skills and utilize their grey cells to their complete potential. Students are quick to gain interest in the vast, modern, inventive and knowledgeable field of Science.

It is the subject that has contributed several significant and progressive developments to humanity’s well-being. The subject has empowered society to find an effective way to fight deadly diseases, raise awareness, and have produced endless opportunities for all of mankind. It imparts exceptional skills and enriches students with capabilities that are relevant to most workplaces.

It also provides a flexible foundation to students allowing them to find a reputed and productive career platform. It gives a sense of purpose and direction to an individual right from the very beginning. Pursuing Science creates future innovators who are responsible for discovering new elements for an optimistic and beautiful tomorrow.

Checklist to Pick the Right Institute to Pursue your Science Dreams

  • Choose a college that provides an International Degree valid locally and globally.
  • Varied subject combinations offered by International schools like The Cambria International School enables pursuing multiple careers. It also provides a unique Model United Nations Platform to empower students as future leaders.
  • Colleges that organize motivational sessions by globally renowned speakers and exclusive skill development programs boost the skills and confidence needed for the 21st century.
  • Guidance to prepare for JEE & NEET by the institute is key.
  • Check if career guidance is provided by industry experts.
  • Virtual Internship programs and industrial field visits for a real-time experience make all the difference.

Now, that you know the various advantages of the innovative and dynamic stream of Science, ensure that you give it a thought and explore the boundless opportunities this field has to offer. Go ahead and immerse yourself in the field of science after completing Boards to open the gates of a new and prosperous future.



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