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  • 29 May
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When it comes to choosing a career, we all can be categorized into two sides. First, who knows exactly what they wish to become, they are clear about their goals and path they have to take to achieve that goal. And second, who are not so sure, they are still exploring their options and capabilities. If you lie in the first category, excellent! But if you fall in second, there is absolutely nothing wrong in that too.


In today’s post, we are addressing the students who will be choosing their streams this academic year. The elaborated debates among peers and dilemma within self may have already begun between Science and Commerce! During the last decade in many academic institutions, Science became an intelligent stereotype. Fortunately, this has changed in recent years. With the boom in the internet, people are able to see that both streams are equally worthy and resourceful. So how should one decide which one to opt for?


In Science, students are educated with advanced life sciences (Biology of ourselves), wonderful world of Physics (gives one opportunity to see it’s applications all around you) and Chemistry (the science of small particles creating huge differences). Science is perfect if you are even slightly interested in any of these. Science opens a whole new horizon for you to explore. Here you study the concepts and do the experiments. Design your own working models to demonstrate scientific theories and laws. Observe the world on a whole new scale. With science, you finally understand why we all are actually the same, made up of similar particles.


Commerce is a completely different and extremely important stream. It involves the studies of the factors that drive all others, factors that run and affects the Economy. There are studies about Accountancy, Economics, Business Studies, Statistics, Mathematics and Informatics Practices. Have you ever wondered why Indian Rupee is weaker than the US dollar and how we can make it stronger? How do yearly budgets are designed by the government and they benefit and affect us? Commerce will take you closer to the answers. Interesting, isn’t it?


There are ample growth options on both sides. It is your knowledge and your endeavours that define your career and future. But we will not tell you what these streams will offer you 10 years later. Today you can choose Biology and become an Ecommerce entrepreneur later or study commerce and become a coder. Possibilities are endless. We wish our students all the very best and think about their present when they make a decision.

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