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  • 25 June
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At the end of the day, the most overwhelming key to a child’s success is the positive involvement of parents.

-Jane D hall

Happy new year everyone! Surprised? Isn’t it the commencement of a new year for kids and the parents? Yes, the sessions had already begun in April, but the actual year starts now. Kids have re-joined the schools after a long summer break, completed their vacation projects and again united with their school friends. We hope everyone had a great summer with tons of stories to tell.

As the new session starts, kids get their new course books, school accessories and an overview of what to expect from the next 10 months. They know they are going to unfold new chapters in books and in life. Though some will be pleasant while others may not be comparatively joyous. But good or bad, they know that they will have their parent’s support. So they are ready, but how well are the parents prepare for the upcoming challenges? Today we have 3 important questions for our parents to ask themselves.

Are you familiar with the new syllabus?

The new academic year will definitely bring additions to the knowledge banks. Have you traversed through the new curriculum? It could be a tedious task, but it will help you in planning the year ahead. One can think of many relatable ways to help kids learn new concepts. For example, the digestive system can be easily explained while having dinner and a slide in the park can show how an acute angle will look like in real life.

Are you open to accepting the kids’ preferences?

You may have specific plans to follow this year for your child. Maybe French classes for adding the third language, extra Math classes for IIT JEE preparations in future, or continuing Bharatanatyam and excelling it at further levels. But the kids’ plan may differ. As we already discussed in our previous post, it is important to respect their choices and let them decide. Their preferences might contrast yours’ completely. Give them their chance and see what new color it adds in their life’s canvas.

Will you be your kid’s best friend this year?

The year will bring some unforeseen emotional challenges as well, for which the kids might not be ready. Someone’s best friend may change the city or someone might feel hard to adjust in a new section with new classmates. Be patient to hear your child. Let them pour their hearts, tell them you understand how they feel and afterward ask them, what they think should be the right thing to do. Be their best friend, with whom they feel comfortable around even with their emotional distress.

We hope the parents will ponder these questions. We also hope that the kids, as well as the parents, have replenished their energy sources for the year in front. Looking forward to active participation, we again wish all our marvellous parents a very happy new academic year!

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Rooma Mali

Dear Sir and Mam, Greetings. Positive involvement of parents in their children's life is so imp. Its a great opportunity for parents to learn through your blogs and articles. ROOMA.( Dad's email id)

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