Want your Child to Pursue Further Studies Abroad? Here's What You Should Do!

  • 17 August

Studying abroad is a fantastic way to scale up one’s career and learn better from the global world. Studying in an International School in Kalyan prepares a student thoroughly for a bright future abroad. Whether it is through learning a new language or global technology, international Schools in Kalyan West bring the best in a child. If you want your child to pursue further studies abroad, below we list some tips & facts you should be aware of before taking the progressive plunge!

1. Early Planning and Preparation

Do your research and plan well in advance. This is the most crucial element as early structured planning gives you time to list down all the pre-requisites, gather information from friends and family who have studied abroad and also make up your mind about various other things related to it. If you are preparing your child for international education right from the pre-school days, ensure that you enrol your child in the best international pre-school in Kalyan.

2. Counselling Session

A mentor is someone who will guide a student appropriately towards the future. A child needs a good mentor especially if he or she intends to study abroad. Some of the Best schools in Kalyan West have great mentorship and counselling programmes for students that hone their skills well from an international perspective.

Good international schools in Kalyan West ensure that important things such as aptitude tests, course information, colleges, the application process, working out the best option if a college accepts the application, visa formalities, pre-departure workshops, final departure and other such crucial things are discussed thoroughly in their counselling sessions.  

3. Selecting a Country

Every country differs when it comes to the process of course application. In certain countries, submitting a single application would suffice for more than one college. However, in some other countries, you might have to apply separately. Another important aspect to note is the difference in social and cultural elements.

Remember that all countries might not give students a work permit post-studies. A good school in Kalyan will ensure that you make a well-informed choice for your child when it comes to studying in a country outside India.

4. Choosing a university, Cost involved & Scholarship

It is significant to keep your budget in mind before selecting a university. A good tip is to create a list of 5-10 good universities and pick one after careful contemplation.

Be realistic while considering the cost involved. For instance, sending your child to study in the U.S could cost you anywhere between 25-50 lakhs or higher annually while in other countries, it could be a little less.

If you happen to get a scholarship, remember that while some scholarships cover only a major part of the total tuition fees, others might cover the entire amount. The remaining funding will be dependent on parents or an education loan. 

Studying abroad is a major decision both for parents and students. Best Schools in Kalyan create a road map for the same and ensure a bright future for their students ahead. 




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