Vacations Over? Things to Remember as your Child Gets Back to School for a New Academic Year

  • 7 June

The new academic year is about to start and with it comes transformed learning and new aspirations. Going back to school is a big transition. Starting a new academic year signifies new adjustments, more academic demands, new faculty, and an evolving social circle. An International school ensures that this transition is smooth and productive for the child’s development. In this blog, we discuss some of the most important tips to remember as your child gets back to school for a new academic year.

  1. Do thorough research on the study demand for the new academic year and orient your child towards it

Being well prepared beforehand will ensure that your child is not overwhelmed on the first day of school. It builds confidence and puts them at ease. Good International schools ensure that students have the necessary study material and skill-sets to conquer the new academic year triumphantly. Remember your child’s learning style and stick to it in order to bring about optimum learning.

  1. Ensure that you cultivate time management skills a little before the start of the new school year

Time management skills are the foundation of a student’s bright future. Start cultivating the habit of time management in all of your child’s activities during vacations for a more fulfilling outcome of the new academic year. Have a fixed bedtime and waking time is significant too as the sleep cycle impacts your child’s energy levels.

  1. Make your child independent by allowing them to choose their own supplies

Learning styles differ for every child. When children are given the freedom to choose their own supplies for the new academic year, you get an opportunity to interact with them and fortify their decision-making skills. It also strengthens behavioral skills and instills confidence in them.

  1. Pay a little extra attention in the first week of school

International schools like The Cambria International School ensure that your child is well-adjusted to a different environment as the new academic year begins. Along with this, individual attention from parents at home further reinforces smooth transition as the vacations get over and the new academic year begins.

  1. Take advantage of any orientation opportunities organized by the school

International schools make you well-equipped for the future. The orientation sessions are an opportunity for you to understand the expectations of a new academic session. It orients children for both the academic as well as extra-curricular activities that the new academic session brings.

  1. Bond with other parents of your child’s class

One of the most significant things to do is to stay updated and in touch with other parents of your child’s batch-mates. This will make sure that you are well-informed about any new updates regarding the academic year that you might have missed. It also creates a platform to share your doubts and anxieties with other parents who are facing the same experiences.

The end of vacations and the beginning of a new academic year comes with a lot of expectations. A smooth transition towards further studies is possible when you follow a structured plan with these tips for a productive and holistic learning outcome for your child!



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