Top 5 Myths V/s Facts to Know about the Science Career

  • 2 June

The Science stream is a very popular choice amongst many students. However, it is surrounded by a number of myths which make it difficult to be separated from the actual facts. It is time parents and students think beyond medical and engineering. Let’s understand some of the top myths and facts about the science stream that will help you to make the right choice about your career ahead.

Myth 1

Being a Doctor or an engineer is the only choice you have in Science.

Fact 1

There are a lot of careers as an outcome of choosing the Science Stream in India.

The future is bright for Science in India, especially in the pandemic scenario. Vaccinations against viruses and the requirement of medical aid have opened up new avenues for students pursuing Science in India post-pandemic. Gone are the days when pursuing medical or engineering were the only two options available in the Science stream. Nowadays, you can take a pick from a vast array of career options such as Biomedical, Biotechnology, Immunology, Bioinformatics, Geology, Astronomical studies, and the list is endless.

Myth 2

You can choose the Science stream only if you are great at studies or a class topper.

Fact 2

Any student who is interested in studying Science can choose this stream.

Anyone who loves the Science field and is curious about its multiple facets can take up this stream. Passion for Science is the only criteria for choosing this field. It is a very common myth in India that you can choose to study Science only if you have scored above 75 percent. Those who are mediocre in studies are advised to take Commerce or Science. This is not the right perception towards making the correct career choice for your future. Global schools like The Cambria International School ensure that students are prepared for every career choice. It is significant that you understand which education stream intrigues you the most and allows you to commit your efforts to learn it effectively.

Myth 3

There is no future for Science in India.

Fact 3

India is one of the best places to pursue a career in Science.

One of the most common science stream-related myths is that Science has no application or future in India. Today, India is one of the most accomplished countries and has many IT Firms, Hospitals, Scientific institutes, etc. that make this stream a very lucrative career choice.

Myth 4

You won’t find any time for yourself if you pick the Science stream.

Fact 4

There is plenty of time if you learn how to organize your study schedule.

Every education stream requires dedication if you wish to excel in it. Just like other streams, you will be expected to put in your time and efforts while pursuing Science. Organizing your schedule will ensure that you find time for your hobbies too.

Myth 5

India does not have good institutes for the Science stream.

Fact 5

India has some of the best internationally aligned institutes and curriculum for Science education.

India has come a long way and has many reputed International schools, training institutes and centers for Science as per global standards. This makes pursuing Science a great career decision for many.

Now that you know the top 5 science stream myths and facts, go ahead and make the right, fully aware choice for your child’s future. Keep the focus on innovation in Science and not on the rumors that surround it. Walk the innovative path of the new-age modern Science field in India that has a bright and shining future ahead.



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