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  • 14 November
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Man shapes himself through decisions that shape his environment.”

-Rene Dubos

We teach our kids to eat properly, talk politely and be respectful. We wish them to become stronger and more capable than us. We admit them to good schools and engage them in extra curriculars for overall development. We send them for dance lessons, encourage them to join sports, provide them with their favourite books and lots more. But there is one wonderful and essential habit or practice we hardly encourage them to preach. It is definitely not a bad habit, a slightly messy one but very fruitful, yet we barely ask our kids to go and take care of plants in our gardens or balcony, just because their clothes will get stained.

Like any other good habits we believe plantation can also aid in shaping the young minds positively and observing the current environmental requirements, it should be a must for each and every one of us. Attending an annual Vanmahotsava program and planting a sapling isn’t enough for our future generations. Our kids should learn to care about plants and most importantly how to take care of a plant, what it requires to grow properly, what challenges will come and how to eradicate them.

We agree that in metro cities like ours, having a proper personal garden is a dream for many. Then how and where do we plant? As the saying goes, when there is a will there is a way, many solutions are available in the market for the same. There are many light weight soils and supporting products to facilitate plantation in flats’ balcony or on roof top. Teaching plantation can also serve as a bonding time for families, getting close to kids and understand them better. This will be a great time to discuss with them about global warming and how each one of can contribute in flight against it. Additionally, if done properly and persistently, it can also offer us with home grown organic herbs and ample amount of veggies for daily use.

We are all aware of recent incidents in “Aarey Mumbai”, where thousands of people took stand for the forest. We now understand the consequences of not having enough flora around us, but are our kids ready for what is on the verge? Raising a plant will bring kids close to the environment. It will make them easy to understand why we need to preserve them, protect them, why so many laws and campaigns are there to save tress and why millions of people give their time and wealth for the cause. It is for our future and their future. Teach kids to treat trees and plants as a respectable living being, after all they have been serving us since the beginning of the time.


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