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  • 25 May
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In order to create an engaging learning experience, the role of the instructor is optional, but the role of the learner is essential.

Bernard Bull

President of Goddard College, an experimental college in the progressive education tradition that is rooted in learner voice, choice, agency, and ownership.


In times, where the ongoing pandemic has managed to cease our social lives and change our routines to a greater extent, we can proclaim ourselves fortunate that we are living in an era of so much advanced technology around us. We can order groceries online, work from home, and even attend classes from within the safe premises of our homes.


The schools have started online classes to avoid lags in the planned learnings. During these classes, students and teachers meet on an online platform via video calls and try to create an ambiance like an actual classroom. As parents who have witnessed traditional classrooms in our entire lives, we may have many concerns about such arrangements, so let's try to handle a few of them today.


Are these classes effective? As a responsible education institution, we don't want our students to experience the gap these global circumstances are trying to create. We wish to convey to our students that their schools care about them even when they are not here at the campus. The video classes are designed to be disturbance-free and as captivating as possible. With daily classes and homework we are sure, will keep the learning flow going.


We agree that the two experiences cannot be exactly similar, however, school is trying to make them comparable utmost levels. We all are new to this, but we are all together in it too. With the current situations, online classes are our best options. Teachers are trying to cover the part of the syllabus which is supposed to be completed before summer breaks, but won't compromise with the quality of education. They will make sure that students are understanding the concepts and not only nodding and mugging up. After all, education is given, it can not be forced. So we hope equal enthusiasm and contribution from our students too, and proudly we can say they have not disappointed us.


What are the challenges teachers face? Teachers these days have a whole new set of responsibilities. They try fresh approaches to deliver class lessons and check the homework. Yes it is comparatively difficult to keep an eye on every student during the video lectures. Similarly it is tough to keep it equally interactive. However, our teachers are also learning and making their best endeavors.


We understand that along with our teachers and students, this is a completely rookie experience for our parents as well. We thank them for co-operating with the school and proud to call them the part of TCIS family. We loved it when parents interacted with us, hence any suggestions to make this process better are heartily welcome.

School Blogger

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Asif Raza

Hi, I had attended almost all the classes with my son, the only suggestion I have is to plz change zoom app and move to Microsoft Teams. That has much better quality and no data breaching fear. Regards, Asif Raza

Sneha Rathod

Waiting for d school to join us soon

Saumya  Rajput

This is a great engagement platform and initiative by school. Highly appreciate the staff and entire team of TCIS. You have been doing a wonderful job for kids. Stay safe and healthy!

Komal Pathak

Pls stay at home

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