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  • 24 March
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One of the basic rules of the universe is that nothing is perfect. Perfection simply doesn't exist.....Without imperfection, neither you nor I would exist”

Stephen Hawking

An English theoretical physicist, cosmologist, and author


In China during the mid-9th century, alchemists were trying to create a potion for immortality, instead they created a flammable powder, today known as gun powder. This invention was ironically the exact opposite of their desired result. Later they realized it’s the importance and used it to protect themselves against Mongolians’ invasion. The application of gun powder that we all love is the beautiful firework, an important part of our celebrations.


Now tell us if you know what is common between, penicillin, chocolate chip cookie, and an inkjet printer? They are all invented by mistake. There are many other such important machines, medicines or articles which we use daily are the boons of a mistake or undesired output of an experiment. Now, do you know what is common in their inventors? The answer is they all tried. They tried to create something. They worked on their ideas.


We all have ideas. Some are crazy, some are fantastic and some are crazily fantastic. But very rare we act on them. Be it reciting your self-written poem in front of a crowd or sharing a new idea in class, there is something that pulls our feet back.  This is called the fear of failure, doesn’t it? Have you heard this quote from Thomas Elva Edison? “I have not failed. I have found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” We do not fail. We never do. We learn something new with every mistake we make. However, if we do not try at all, our chance of achieving the goal is an absolute zero.


Now can you tell the next common thing among the above-mentioned inventors? They did not give up. No idea is a small one. Even a simple idea such as a safety pin can reshape the world around us. But we also need to remember, no idea can become a success overnight. One needs to nurture the thought, refine it and act on it. 


If you have a thought or idea, which you believe can bring a change, share it. There will be times when people may laugh at your idea or may not take it seriously cause you are just a school kid. This may have already happened to you. Do not quit. Talk to people who understand you, your parents and your mentors. Read through books or the internet. Put that thought into action. We are sure there is an inventor, a discoverer or a master of field hidden in all of you. Believe in yourself, confront your fears and learn from the mistakes you make in the process. May be your mistakes become boons for the future.

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