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  • 22 November
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The goal of meditation is not to get rid of thoughts or emotions. The goal is to become more aware of your thoughts and emotions and learn how to move through them without getting stuck.”

-Dr. P. Goldin

Reading the instruction manual or learning how to operate, is the first thing we do when we buy a new device. Understanding how to control it at the end of the device’s life is of no use. Then why we learn to control our minds, the most complex gadgets of all, near the end of our lives. Why meditation and yoga are considered recreational practice for the old age? Although with an increase in awareness this trend has changed. Now more youth than ever is adapting the habit of meditation and making yoga part of their workout routine. But the question is, whether 25-35 is the right age to start? Isn’t precautions better than fighting the illness?


There is no doubt that kids these days possess extremely high energy, they are always learning something new from different sources which sometimes makes them restless and stressed. Their low concentration span is major repercussion parents deal with every day. Internet, television and cell phones are making them more aware of everything happening in the world and less and less aware of themselves.

 Meditation is a centuries-old remedy to deal with depression and hyperactivity. There are many studies that suggest, kids who practice meditation tend to develop positive traits such as increased self-control, better attentiveness in class, and more empathy and respect for others. Meditation can be done anywhere comfortable, it does not require any equipment or specific dress code. One can easily meditate at home and start by sitting quietly with yourself for 5 minutes. There are many guided meditation tutorials available online.


Before starting, read the articles and studies. There is an ample amount of data available. Then talk to your kids about it. Once mediation is a habit, once has to ever force them to sit and meditate. They will be poured with inspiration. Parents also have to preach what they teach. Start meditating every day for 5 to 10 minutes with your little one, we are sure it will definitely bring some visible positive changes soon.

Mahatma Gandhi once said, “I have so much to accomplish today that I must meditate for two hours instead of one.” Whether it’s sports, arts or any other skill, we believe that kids are quick learner, then why not introduce them with something which will guide them throughout their life. The benefits of meditation are well known and accepted worldwide. Mental health and wellness is a major issue for our youth today. They live in a highly competitive world and fight to survive. So why not raise a generation which a ready for the challenges intellectually, physically and mentally.  



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