Is your kid eating too much junk food?

  • 28 February
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Anyone who can fail to rejoice in the enticing squish/crunch of a fast-food French fry, or the delight of a warmed piece of grocery-store donut, is living half a life
-Lucy Knisley
An American comic artist and musician

Google definition says Junk food is food that has low nutritional value, typically produced in the form of packaged snacks needing little or no preparation. Nowadays every house will positively have a stack of junk food available at home, juts for emergency or special occasions. No matter what mothers will go to extends for protecting their kids from eating unhealthy. However, how bad is junk food intake?


Every family has this all-time ongoing war between vegetables, fruits, and juices vs Maggie, donut, and fries. Junk food lacks a proper nutritional diet but fills tummy with sugar and bad fat. Along with hampering physical health, junks also affect the mental health of kids as well as in adults. Another major issue with junk food is they are addictive. Have you ever tried stopping yourself when potato fries are still there in front of you?


Should be ban junk completely? Charlotte Markey, a health psychology professor at Rutgers University, believes parents should let children occasionally eat potato chips, candy and other calorie-laden salty and sweet snacks rather than trying to eliminate them from their diets altogether. A craving stomach is equally worse than an empty stomach.


How much is good enough? The answer to this question is tricky. Children will crave junk food and this has become a major reason for obesity in kids. Parents need to study and understand the child’s metabolism. They should decide the intake observing the kid’s activity and age. 


Moms do the magic: Moms are magicians when it comes to their kids, especially in kitchens. Try new recipes. Put some different flavors in regular food. Even junk food cooked at home is far better than what is sold in packed poly bags, containing preservatives to increase shelf life. In this exploration, make your kids your guide and companion. 


As a parent, it is our responsibility what our kids are eating and we try our best. Kids now what is available in the market. Studies also show that a strict restriction on anything can lead to heavier consumption in the future. Studies also show that unhealthy diets containing excessive junk food have been shown to affect the brain and lead to poor mental health.


Junk food is sold and advertised skillfully. Companies hire the best professionals to orchestrate their marketing strategies and kids are their innocent victims. If explained appropriately and correctly, why eating a lot of junk is bad and why eating vegetables and legumes are good for them, we are sure our students are smart enough to understand. However, everyone deserves a cheat moment. 

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