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  • 30 May
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“To acquire knowledge, one must study;

but to acquire wisdom, one must observe.”

Marilyn vos Savant

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A few days back, we talked to our high school students who will soon decide their streams for the upcoming academic session. We talked about what each stream offers and how existing they both can be. We also suggested that their decision should not be based on future worries but should be taken as per their current interest. But many-a-times this is not so straight forward and students wish their results to aid with the decision.


However, due to the COVID spread, many results are still pending. What those students should do? Should they sit still and wait for results? No! That will be a mere waste of time. Should they continue with the studies? Yes! But what? if they are not sure which stream they will be enrolling in post results? Today let's explore the answer to this question. There are a few very good options which they can focus on during this time.


1) Additional Subjects:

Along with the mainstream subjects we also choose some additional subjects, which covers a wide range of school education spectrums. From Hindi to Computer sciences, there are many options. This time can be utilized to focus on them and advance with their curriculums.


2) Soft skills:

An acquired soft skill can help a person in school, college, and much beyond. They shape us as a better person, an excellent team member, and a respectable leader. Once engaged with our routine studies this part of the overall growth is ignored by many. So why not think about it now and explore ways students can work on developing their soft skills.


3) Explore your interest:

As the classes progress and kids enter high school, they don't get much time or are not willing to invest a good amount of time to visit their interests. The time is perfect to visit some old hobbies and unravel hidden interests too. Find out, if you love dancing, or painting or learning history.


In this era, the internet is such a powerful tool and offers us everything we wish to learn. Students can also focus on their mainstream subjects as well if they are sure about them. Many online learning platforms home some really good reservoirs for school kids. Explore them as well. In the end, we hope that results will be out soon, students will finalize their decisions and for that, we wish all of them loads of luck.

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