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  • 25 September
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There are only two lasting bequests we can hope to give our children. One of these is roots; the other, wings.”
Hodding Carter

Let’s start by saying something positive, “I am the best parent.” Easy and something we all believe in. Being a parent is to ascend ‘the staircase’ with your kids. Move too slow, they may leave you behind. Control their pace, they may fall. Hold them tightly, they may not learn to tread themselves. It’s our responsibility to make this journey fun and fruitful for us and for our progeny.

As a parent, we do everything plausible. We feed them the best, get them their favorite toys and clothes. Admit them in best schools for quality education, where they get prepared for the future. We nurture them with love and devotion. Amidst all this, we offer them something very customary yet influential, which we do not ponder about much. “You will get your favorite bicycle if, you will score 90%” Or “ football classes if score 80+ in Math.” Or “new doll if come first in class.”? Have you ever used any version this?

This process is termed as “positive reinforcement”, well-known and experimented. There is ample evidence that it offers good results. According to Wikipedia “Positive reinforcement occurs when a desirable event or stimulus is presented as a consequence of a behavior and the behavior increases.” In simple words, if you offer something desirable to your kid, for an action (desirable by you), the similar behavior is likely to be repeated. Many psychologists also argued that positive reinforcement is superior to punishment in shaping behavior. Our offers and their results are few such examples.

Now think for a moment, is this the best you can do? Making your child mug up few answers and get good percentage. They can ace the class and can get bag full knowledge and memories, if instead of luring them into mugging, we take them to a park, and ask what senses of your body are you using and how? Or how these plants make their own food? Or after counting steps on one side, how many steps do we have to walk to traverse the whole park with 4 sides?

Today practical knowledge is not confined to science labs. With Cambria’s curriculum, children are continuously engaged in the learning experience that enriches and nourishes their young minds, most importantly by practical knowledge rather than mere theory. We welcome and promote parental participation in the same. We are raising an ultra-smart tech-savvy generation, we must update our gears. Next time while visiting a mall, garden or restaurant, encourage them to exhibit, what they are learning. Utilize the real world as a laboratory. Discuss with them about real issues, such as the upcoming water crisis. Maybe they come up with a brilliant solution. And always remember “you are the best parent”!


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