How to choose a School for your kid?

  • 30 April
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"Education is not just about going to school and getting a degree. It's about widening your knowledge and absorbing the truth about life."

-Shakuntala Devi

Figuratively speaking, schools are the second home for kids. They spend large number of hours there and parents wish to choose the best one for them. According to recent report published in ‘The Economic Times’, India has 3-4 times the number of schools than China, despite of the similar population. This is the result of strategy adopted by the government, of building schools near every habitation, resulting in a proliferation of schools with tiny populations.

We can inarguably agree that most of such schools lack many fundamental traits that constitutes an ideal environment for a child’s intellectual growth. There is no universal rating system or guidelines to assist parents in selecting the school for their younger ones. Then how should they decide? When we first learn a language, we all learn about the 5W1H questions, whose answers are considered apt for information gathering or problem solving. Let’s see if they can help with the school dilemma.

What are my kids going to learn? Board that governs the school decides the curriculum. A well framed curriculum in turn decides the quality of education, which is why parents are more likely to choose something standard rather than the local/state boards. With globalization, IGCSE has expanded the wings. IGCSE “International General Certificate of Secondary Education”, is an international board under the ‘The University of Cambridge’ United Kingdom and is recognized round the globe.

Who is going to teach my kids? Academic qualification of the teacher matters. But it is equally important that the educator is able to communicate well with the kids. Students to teacher ratio is a crucial factor here. A decent ratio can encourage students to put forward their queries and views.

When are my kids learning? It is essential to know what the kids should learn, and even more important to decide, when. School should not only aim for completing the yearly syllabus, but also embed the moral values at right age. At home, they are verbally taught about empathy, integrity and honesty, but at school they can have the actual experience.

Where are my kids going? This is one of the most important concern. When surveyed among parents, who recently chose school, the top on their priority is the safety. How the child is commuting to and from school? Is the security of the students being taken care inside school premises? Along with safety, health and hygiene are also undoubtedly foremost.

How are my kids learning? “Not everything that is learned is contained in books”, which is why there are co-curricular and extra-curricular activites. These are important for a child’s comprehensive growth and add another feather in their caps. With the change in trend parents now promote participation in activities other than academics, such as sports, music, art, debates and science fairs. Such activities should be integral part of a school’s curriculum.

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