How to Use Lockdown Time Productively to Choose the best Career Path after Boards?

  • 27 April

The sudden pandemic has caused turbulence in every sector worldwide. The education sector has also witnessed a massive transformation. Traditional learning has changed to accessible and innovative ways of e-learning. There is a lot of time at hand as we undergo repeated lockdowns. Students can make the best use of this time in several constructive ways. In this blog, let’s see how students can use the lockdown time to select the most suitable career path after their board exams.

  • SWOT Analysis

SWOT stands for Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, and Threats. Used by many corporations and individuals all around the world, this matrix helps in self-analysis of one’s own forte, flaws, lucrative opportunities, and possible threats based on the abilities. It is an effective matrix for gauging the aptest career alternative. It also empowers students to have a clear direction towards their career goals.

  • Research Thoroughly

Exhaust every medium there is to research carefully about various career paths. Do not focus on only a single area while researching. Diversify and find relevant data about every career stream. Check its applicability and your propensity towards it.

  • Guidance from Faculty

Experienced faculty in international schools can motivate and guide you better towards your career goals. They can advise you and share brilliant tips and techniques to enhance your current skills, directing you towards a fulfilling career goal.

  • Speak to Accomplished Seniors

When you study in reputed international schools like The Cambria International School, they equip you with the right tools and environment to excel in your career. One of the most effective ways to achieve a bright future is to be surrounded by enlightened peers and seniors. They are a positive influence and can help you make a better career choice by sharing your personal insights and experiences.

  • Online Career Counseling Sessions

Acquiring a good career stream also depends on your exposure to various career-related online seminars, expert talks, and counseling sessions. It gives you a fresh perspective and broadens your horizon for a well-informed career decision.

  • Journal Everything

They help you to gauge your caliber correctly. Write down every research and analysis result. A comprehensive and elaborate record of your preparation empowers students to not leave anything to chance. Timely documentation makes sure nothing is missed and enables easy reference to all the relevant data collected for the right career choice.

  • Realistic Planning

This is one of the most significant steps in the career planning process. During a lockdown when you equip yourself with all the information regarding several career alternatives, keep a realistic view about every choice. Things to keep in mind are, the accessibility of reputed institutes for the chosen career choice, suitability of your abilities, how lucrative it is in the current scenario, and its scope in the future.

This lockdown time can be used as an opportunity to lay a strong foundation for the future. Students can sharpen their skills and use these steps constructively for chalking out an effective career plan for a bright and successful future. Without further ado, follow these tips for fruitful, well-researched career planning after boards and make this lockdown time more productive!



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