How to Help your Child Think Critically and Stay Organized

  • 15 June

Survival of the mentally fittest is the mantra to progress in today's world. Critical thinking is the power of the mind to analyze a piece of information intellectually by observation, reflection, and experience. It is inculcated with practice and the right skill set. In this blog, let's understand how your child can stay organized and master critical thinking for a bright future ahead.

Why critical thinking and staying organized is crucial for kids?

As time passes by being successful in the modern world is dependent on how analytic and innovative one is in their chosen field. Critical thinking skills help a child to be proactive and inventive right from an early age. It enables them to overcome every challenge with a rational approach. It also instills the confidence needed to think innovatively and renders a fresh perspective to a child's mind. The brilliant curriculum of international schools ensures that children develop a critical and organized bent of mind.

How to develop your child's critical thinking and organizing skills?

  1. Reasoning and questioning is key

Asking questions is the first step to critical thinking. Gradually it is significant to empower children to ask better questions relevant to the task at hand. The question 'Why' plays a consequential role in developing analytical and inventive skills.

  1. Emphasize on agreement and disagreement

Understanding whether your child agrees or disagrees to a particular scenario or choice helps them discover their own voice. Ask them the question, "Do you agree?" after discussing something. It enforces independent critical thinking with a rational approach.

  1. Hobby clubs

Brainstorming critical thinking skills in hobby clubs can ensure that your child meets and interacts with like-minded children. Hobbies such as singing, dancing, sports, etc. are a good way to build analytical and creative thinking skills.

  1. Speak regarding implications

One of the most important things in critical thinking is analyzing the repercussions of a situation or action. It helps your child choose correctly and make the right decision for the future.

  1. Aim to be a good role model

Lead by example. This is exactly what proficient and well-experienced faculty of modern international schools in Kalyan do nowadays. Begin at home and ensure that you always depict critically and organizing skills in your child's daily routine. This is when a child absorbs these abilities and behaviors quickly.

  1. Stick to a time-table

The most significant element for success is to stay organized with the help of timetables. This makes sure that your child doesn't miss out on the important things like nutrition and learning while also having time for other activities such as learning something new. Good International schools ensure that children follow a holistic schedule including all activities for active development.

  1. Give children the freedom to organize their belongings

Turn organizing into an interactive activity where your child can develop their own thinking along with learning the skill of organizing. You can slowly nudge them towards the right way of organizing but ensure you keep the task engaging and not rigid. This will facilitate better learning.

With these tips & techniques, you can strengthen your child's critical thinking and organizing skills, leading their way towards a bright and rewarding future!



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