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  • 7 December
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Extroversion is an enormously appealing personality style, but we've turned it into an oppressive standard to which most of us feel we must conform.

- Susan Cain

It is true that no one is completely introvert or extrovert but lay somewhere in between. Those who are more toward the extroversion are immediately noticed, whether it’s school or workplace. They are generally considered as easy-going, talkative and energetic people. But this is not what defines extroversion. Unlike introverts, extroverts energies when around people. They flourish in social gatherings and shines while working in a team. But this is not the only trait of an extrovert, it is just a side of their personality spectrum.


It’s easy to figure out whether a child is an extrovert. One can notice them bonding easily with other kids, willing to play with friends, full of energy and a to-do list always ready. You won't find them happy when there is nothing to do. Extroverts are always seeking something new to do, which is why they can run into trouble more often. We are familiar with normal extrovert traits but there are few points parents tend to left out. Today let us discuss some of them.


They talk a lot, listen carefully:

Extrovert children may sometimes talk a lot and parents tend to hear them with the informal ear. The thing we need to keep in mind is that the emotional and psychological needs of the kids are getting addressed. When they speak about the new adventure they had or trouble they got into, don’t take it lightly or as a casual affair of your child. Listen and respond carefully. Be an integral part of their social group.


An extrovert kid can also feel shy:

Like shyness and introversion are different, an extrovert child can also feel shy. Shyness is social anxiety which a child can feel irrespective of being an extrovert under certain circumstances. Do not push the child in such a situation but later talk about what was making them nervous. There will be many unexplored sides of their personality parents will come across from time to time.


Set limits reasonably:

As a parent, we know what is best for our child and we want to protect them from over-exhaustion. But an extrovert kid wants to try everything. One needs to consider their requirements before setting limits. You may wish them to focus on one thing at a time, but they could handle more than that. Let them try and informed that you are always there to help and hear.


It is fun raising an extrovert kid. Parents can also learn a lot in the process, and the best part is they are vocal about their needs and demands, unlike introverts where one has to invest time in knowing what they want. Cherish them, and cherish this chaotic yet wonderful time with them.

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