Choosing Off-Beat Careers Over Medicine and Engineering on the Rise

  • 24 May

Choosing off-beat or unconventional careers such as entrepreneurship, digital marketing, art restoration, Physiotherapy Rehabilitation Psychology, ethical hacker, archaeology etc. over medicine and engineering is becoming more common now with increased awareness.

A few years ago, the career opportunities in India were few and limited. Today, things are far different. India as a country is going through a transitional phase. Long gone are the days when students would blindly follow the norm of the decade and become either a lawyer or a chartered accountant. Today’s generation is one full of hope and curiosity.

Increased awareness and a desire to pursue hobbies as a career option are making the student abandon conventional courses and try out something different.

Traditional favorites including medicine and engineering have been put on the back burner with more and more students choosing to stand up to orthodox society and its rules.

What you need to know about unconventional careers

Some key points about this new surge in unconventional careers include:

  • Fields like Social Media Management, Game Development, and Digital Marketing are at the forefront, with some of these fields have seen a 400% increase in demand, according to LinkedIn. Think sports management, filmmaking, and even stand-up comedy.
  • Career counselors say that two out of ten students are keen to take up courses related to their hobbies.
  • Many students are keen to pursue a career in science- however, this takes a back seat in their mind when they have the misconception that for doing so – Math is a mandated subject(especially when they are not interested in Maths).
  • For those who do not want to cast away their safety net, be it their first corporate job or a family business, there are a lot of courses available online and with an international curriculum – you get an opportunity to select from a wide range of subjects depending on your interest.
  • While most universities in India still have a lot of catching up to do in terms of out-of-the-box careers, a few colleges have followed these trends, with alternative courses like tea tasting, cartography and puppetry being introduced into the curriculum.

How to pursue an off-beat career

Sometimes, parents might find it difficult to follow or understand their children’s passions and dreams. So it is important for today’s generation to educate their parents about their interests.

  • I think it is also important for the groundwork to be kept ready, and to have thought out the answers to any possible questions that may come your way.
  • Doing research and seeking guidance from experts would help you make an informed career decision based on your interest.
  • The more well-informed you are, the more likely your parents are to accept your decision.



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