Cellphone and The Kids

  • 14 October
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We are living in a tech-savvy time-line where avoiding technology isn’t an option. With the increased amount of internet exposure, the concerns of the 21st-century parents have also aggravated. Several e-addictions and vulnerabilities are ready to barge into our lives, all the time and cell phones act as their favorite gateway. These tiny devices in our pockets are turning from an amenity to the root cause of our apprehensions by targeting our younger generations.


Cell phones are designed to be addictive. Nowadays, it’s a real challenge to keep kids away from phones. They need it while eating, to play, before bed and as a reward. Using a cell phone is fine but the amount of usage is a matter of concern for everyone. The teenagers owning their personal cells is nothing unusual. But now the addictions start even before. We surveyed parents of pre-teens and below to suggest, how to keep a child away from the phone, and today we are summarizing the same for you.


Saying NO isn’t enough:

Just saying no is not enough to subside the temptation. Kids should be explained what cell phones are meant for and why they should not use them excessively. Sit with them and explain how it can be used for expanding the knowledge banks and what could be the adverse effects when usage is unchecked. They may ask questions, please quench their curiosities with logical answers.


Channel their energy:

Kids are energy streams. Channel them right and they can become a great Scientist, renowned Businessman or beloved Sportsperson. Their skies have no limits if they are taught to fly at the right time. Don’t let cell phones slow down their flow. Let them join a hobby class, throughout the year, not just during summer breaks. Ask them to play outside and make new friends. Be creative and find ways for engaging kids in healthy practices.


Mutually decide the limit:

We have no doubt when we say, that whatever we do and try we won’t be able to keep kids completely away from the phones. We sure can reduce the access to a decent extent (not forcefully). While deciding limits involve kids in the discussion. Ask them how long they need access and what they will browse through. A healthy conversation will help you understand your kids ‘ preferences even better and will help them to understand your concern. 

Kids learn from us, they get inspired by us and they imitate us. Kids won’t give up on their screen time until the guardian won’t practice the same. Cell phones carry major health risks like insomnia, and lack of concentration; as well as cyberbullying and social media addiction. Do not let it become a necessity, the reason of happiness for you and your kids. We wish everyone a healthy and cell phone free family time and will eagerly wait to hear your experiences.

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Cellphone and The Kids


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