All you Need to Know About the Perks of Concept-based Learning

  • 30 October

The foundation to excellent education lies in the smart methodology of concept-based learning. Concept-based curriculum is the modern way of imparting knowledge and skills through creative engagement and conceptual understanding. This learning encourages students to ask the right questions through a three-dimensional curriculum that lays emphasis on intellectual depth.

Reputed International schools in Kalyan West focus on a thought-fully designed concept-based learning curriculum that ensures life-long learning and progress in a child’s life.

Let’s understand all the fantastic perks concept-based learning offers your child!

How does Concept-based Learning Work?

Conceptual learning in some of the best schools in Kalyan focuses on creating thinking classrooms. Instead of engaging in repetition and memorization, students are empowered with practical knowledge and skill-learning to develop transferable conceptual understanding. Right from when a child is enrolled in a Preschool in Kalyan, students are encouraged by expert teachers to:

  • Ask questions that have relevance beyond the knowledge and skills attained in the class.
  • Fortify student’s understanding of individual concepts
  • Describe concepts and relate it to an outdoor experience
  • Form and justify their own understanding
  • Promote knowledge transfer and test their understanding in new situations through novel methodologies

Perks of Concept-based Learning for your Child

  • The first major strength of concept-based learning is that it transcends time, place and situation. It is highly applicable and practical to be absorbed at every grade level which is why enrolling a child in the best school can do wonders for his or her future.
  • Concept-based learning also builds a strong foundation of knowledge and skills with an intellectually enriching and challenging educational experience that promotes futuristic learning. This helps a student shine out amongst its peers and top competitive exams as well.
  • Enrolling your child in an International Playschool in Kalyan ensures that your child’s learning excels conceptually right from the start.
  • Life-long transfer of knowledge is another great benefit of concept-based learning. With a growing amount of information, it is not possible for students to absorb all the information at once.
  • Concept-based learning eliminates the need for rote learning and instils an automatic learning transfer where students are able to relate to current knowledge on their own in relation to a foundational concept learnt years back.
  • Concept-based learning instils confidence and a participative spirit which helps students to become global learners. It is recognized worldwide and offers students the opportunity to take an active role in constructing and critiquing conceptual understandings with their peers.
  • Conceptual learning empowers students to become innovative, critical and independent thinkers that reflect on the implications of their learning and how it applies to the world around them.
  • It offers them the unmatched cognitive advantage in their current and future studies which makes them better prepared for the transition to the real world.

Concept-based learning can do wonders for your child’s future. Enrolling your child in an international school in Kalyan will ensure that your child’s educational foundation is fortified through conceptual learning right from the start.



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