Traits that kids develop at school.

  • 26 November
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Your beliefs become your thoughts, your thoughts become your words, your words become your actions, your actions become your habits, your habits become your values, your values become your destiny.”
? Mahatma Gandhi


An individual with good habits is an asset not just for his family but for the country and the world.  Each one of us and our every small decision contributes to the wellbeing of our ecosystem. Some decisions are just the outcome of our habits, like the decision of shopping online or going to the mall. Both have different implications. Since childhood, parents try to develop the best and fruitful habits in kids. But there are a few traits that kids develop at school. Let us discuss some of them and how they contribute in shaping their persona.


Being social: Schools are the very first place where kids actually starts to socialize. They begin to learn socially acceptable behaviours. They create bonds, some of which may even last their whole life. But not every child is the same, as we had already discussed in our “Introvert kids are different” segment. It’s important to figure out whether the kid is introvert or shy. Having a healthy friend circle, on one hand, encourage them to grow, while on the other hand gives them a bunch of memories for the lifetime. A kid with appreciable social habits is an apple of the eye for all, The same nature help them in bonding with people they met further in higher studies and work places.


Raising questions: At school, kids are continuously promoted to ask questions about academics. This triggers their curiosity and aid in better learning. Asking question is an extremely important quality we need in our next generations. This trait once developed is not limited to just academics, but spans to social norms, political activities and so on. We do not need more speechless spectators in the real world. We need individuals, who can raise questions and show concern when things are off track. Only such persona has the ability to bring change in the society.


Empathy: How often in everyday life, we have to put ourselves in someone else’s shoe and reconsider a situation. This is a very basic and extremely important human characteristic, which distinguish us as a social animal. Sharing food and toys with siblings is different than consoling a classmate in school. School is a place where kids not only learn empathy but practice it for the first time on their own. Empathy is an emotion, leading us forward together. It makes them understand that what is bad for someone else could also hurt us tomorrow. This teaches kids that we all are different yet tied together.


We would love to hear and discuss with the parents in TCIS family, on more such important habits, which kids acquire at school, and mould their identity.




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