The perfect guide to child psychology and development

Mental health is essential for a child’s holistic growth and future. It is important to understand and develop child psychology from a young age. International schools in Kalyan have dedicated

Career in Hotel Management

Hotel management is one of the highly job oriented field; it covers a wide range of services including food service, accommodation and catering. The major job fields in the hospitality

Career in BBA

BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) is one of the most sought bachelor degree programmes after 12th. It includes complete knowledge of leadership and management. The best part of programme is

Career in Sports Journalism

Career in Sports Journalism: 3 different opportunities to choose from A sports journalist is someone who writes and engages exclusively in covering sports. Sportswriters can write about a specific game

Common Behavioural Problems in kids and solutions

Good behavior is nurtured from a young age. Enrolling your child in an International School in Kalyan is the first step in molding your child’s behavior and personality. In this

Career as Company Secretary

Company Secretary (CS) or Corporate Secretary (CS) or Secretary is the same designation in an organization. It is a senior post in a private or public sector company. The company

Career in Earth Science

Earth Science is a very promising area where students are exploring nowadays. If a student is numerate & articulate and wants to learn about the natural world around him, it’s