The Cambria International School is distinguished by its unique approach and values towards learning and its commitment to providing quality education, leveraging the best practices of both traditional and contemporary school of education. We are the only School in Kalyan which provides IGCSE based curriculum. IGCSE is internationally recognised and sensitive to different individual needs and cultures. Our School's International Curriculum allows children to continuously engage in the learning experience that enriches and nourishes their young minds.

We are distinguished not just by our educational facilities but also by our extra-curricular activities, student development & parenting programs, and most importantly promoting practical knowledge rather than mere theory. We measure our performance by our students' excellence in academics and co-curricular activities, in addition to developing an enduring interest in sport. Our main motto is to produce successful, smart, kind and polished individuals.

Mr. Bipin Pote

POTE Group of Education.

Message From Bipin Pote

Broad, balanced and cohesive curriculum is the need of the hour.

"Most of today's generation will end up doing jobs that we aren't familiar about in the future". And we at The Cambria International School, has chosen the curriculum which prepares students for tomorrow.

We opted for the Cambridge curriculum solely as it is holistic and student friendly. Parents today want their children to experience global platform from the very young age, they want them to be ready for the next century and Cambridge curriculum provides opportunity to learn on a global platform. It completely gives an exposure to hone the skills of the learners from their prime years itself.

We have been awarded consecutively for 4 years
as the Best School for providing
the International Curriculum

Our Mission

To create confidence and leadership in students by providing them best education.

Our Vision

To be number 1 IGCSE school in: .
  • Academics
  • Holistic Development of Child
  • Number of Admission

Our Philosophy

  • We Nurture
  • Create Learners
  • Inspire Thinkers
  • Encourage Communication
  • Maintain Discipline
  • Perseverance
  • Build Leaders
  • Generate Empathy
  • Embrace Integrity

Discover, Value and Nurture the individual's area of excellence

Take responsibility for learning, develop intellectual Curiosity and become life-long learners.

Be a creative, innovative and logical thinker.

Think, Speak and Write with precision, clarity, and independence

Practice Self-discipline, be organized and lead a healthy & balanced life

The drive to hold on to your aspirations against all odds

Imbibe strong ethics, rational decision making and leadership with a sense of Team Work

Understand others perspective and grow together

Obeying principles and righteousness

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